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grp42 representations ltd. comfortably operates based on the founding principle of “availability of expertise and market!”

Our services and areas of expertise includes comerce/trading of produce and products as well as local representation and consulting support in one of the largest world-markets that still welcomes new businesses.

Our sucesses-stories count among them export (from Brazil) of paper, technology (IT and Telecom Systems) representation (in Brazil), Green tech in cleaning (to and from Brazil) and Ecologically correct cosmetics (from Brazil).

This means that technology frontrunners - ranging from green (ecological) products in the service industry as well as personal hygiene and cosmetics to IT, Telecom and technology in general - can rely on grp42 and our accumulated expertise of more than 40 years to work with integrity and enthusiasm, fully aligning our efforts to your goals and objectives.

Where there is a positive market-potential, you will find us doing reliable business for our international clients and partners.

Strong local capability without loss of International quality -
is grp42's way of value-adding to our client's core business!

We are certain that we can deliver when your company wants to take that first step into this great "unknown market" - just get in touch!

Sincerely yours…
grp42 representations ltd. the centre...#

grp42 - behind the name: We are two danes living (20+ years each) in Brazil and excel in being the bridge of cultures, thus enabling win-win-win scenarios..


Phone: +55 11 992288-416