grp42 representations ltd. comfortably operates in the technology arena, based on the founding principle of “availability of expertise and market!”
This means that in Telecom, Enterprise IT and technology in general, where grp42 has access and an accumulated expertise of more than 40 years (across the region), and where there is a positive market-potential, you will find us doing reliable business for our international clients.

Our main activities are consulting and commerical representation in Telecom and Enterprise IT - including cloud based software, solutions and services.

Within each area grp42 offers experienced and market recognized resources to lead the way. To further add value to group42’s activities a wide range of languages are spoken and written by grp42 staff and consultants – from English and Portuguese to Danish and Spanish, and what we don’t offer internally we have the contacts to make up for.


Strong local capability without loss of international quality -
is grp42's way of value-adding to our client's core business!


We know we can deliver when your company wants to take that first step into this great "unknown Latin market" [Mexico and southwards] - just get in touch!

Sincerely yours…
grp42 representations ltd. the centre...#


Phone: +55 11 9 9228-8416